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A Witch Elf

The Witch Elves (in their own tongue: Maihd[2]) are the brides and priestesses of Khaine, Lord of Murder. They seek nothing more than to offer mighty sacrifices to their merciless deity, preferably by spilling their victim's blood amidst deadly combat. [1]

In Dark Elf Society

Each of the cities of the Druchii has a great temple to Khaine which require a tithe from its rulers and raiders that the city sends out across the world, from the haul of the corsairs is taken one slave in ten as a sacrifice to the brides. These dangerous maidens often have a forbidden allure for others of their race who endeavour to gain their favour, and often die to do so. [2]

Death Night: One night each year is set aside for the cult, the Witch Elves roam their cites, dragging out citizens and slaves alike from homes - they then sacrifice hundreds of them in a great holy feast drinking blood and wine and the raw flesh of their victims. [1a]) Households that survive unscathed often sacrifice a slave or elderly relative to the god of murder in thanks. [1b])


They are organized in a warrior sisterhood. [3])

  • Young priestesses form warbands, each led by a Hag. [3])
  • The Hags are responsible to more experienced Death Hags. [3])
  • The Death Hags answer only to the Hag Queens. [3])

The overall leadership of the cult of Khaine belongs to Hellebron, the second-oldest of the Hag Queens. However many Witch Elves support her powerful rival Morathi.

Many of the younger Witch Elves form their own cults/warbands, renting their deadly services to ambitious Dreadlords intent on gathering armies.


Before a battle begins, the daughters of Khaine drink blood which has been laced with drugs to boost their ferocity and bloodlust. Their razor sharp blades are then often coated with poison. [2]) Following the battle, they choose those captives who will be sacrificed to their god, renewing their pact. [1b])



For fighting we use daggers, the most intimate of weapons, the most courageous instrument of death. We must get close to our enemies, smell the dear on their breath, see the desire in their eyes. You must yearn for this closeness, desire their heat upon you. For in this final dance with them you will touch Khaine. When the lifeblood spays your skin you will feel a true heat, a true passion, that no mortal can provide. This is our legacy sisters. This is our birth right.




  • White Dwarf 108 (1988), in its article Witch Elves! p.30 translates 'Witch Elves' with Tulluch.


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