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Duke Bohemond Beastslayer, a powerful Bretonnian Lord.[1]
"The bravest of the brave, the noble Lords of Bretonnia will fight for the Lady until the bitter, bloody end."

Bretonnian Lords are the elite warrior-generals of Bretonnia, made up of the wealthiest and most powerful of nobles.


The Kingdom of Bretonnia is divided into fourteen great Dukedoms. Each of the Dukedoms greatest nobles, command an army of Knights, supported by the Squires, Men-at-Arms and Bowmen drawn from the ranks of the commoners. Many are particularly deadly Knights of the Realm, some are also mighty Grail Knights, or former Paladins, such as Bohemond Beastslayer and the historical Repanse de Lyonesse, and hold prestigious ranks such as Duke or Baron. Proud and powerful warriors all, whatever their knightly caste, they are essentially even deadlier and better equipped than their other comrades, a perk of being the wealthiest, greatest and most influential of Bretonnia's nobility.

Unlike the lords of other armies, Bretonnian Lords have to be on horseback as it is unseemly for the leader of an army to be down with the lower classes, fighting on foot only in the most dire circumstances. In battle it is these mighty heroes who lead the knights from the front, inspirational leaders that take the fight to the very heart of the enemy. Many of them follow one of the Paths of Virtue, the fighting styles and traits passed down by the Grail Companions, they are both masterful warriors and noble leaders. They can sustain wounds cthat would kill a lesser man, and kill many foes with one sweep of a sword or thrust of a lance. Indeed the Lords of Bretonnia will truly live on forever, for tales of their great deeds will be recounted long after they have passed from the world.

Famous Bretonnian Lords

  • Baron Lucus of Brilloinne, hero of Bretonnia who founded a famous Grail Chapel within his mighty castle.