Tor Yvresse

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Tor Yvresse is the capital and only city of the High Elf Kingdom of Yvresse. [1a]

It is a great spired city built across nine hills with delicate looking bridges linking the gigantic towers. [2b]


In 2425 IC[2a] the city was attacked by the Goblin warlord, Grom the Paunch, its army shattered outside its walls before he began a siege as a great storm gathered above the city. Four days after the battle of the plains the horde attacked the walls, and battle raged through its streets whilst the Shaman Black Tooth fought and killed the Warden of the city atop his tower. As the Shaman moved to shatter the city waystone, the fleet of Eltharion managed to sail through the raging storm into the harbour. [2b]

Many buildings in the city collapsed as Eltharion moved to confront the insane Black Tooth and a magic battle ensued - at the height of their conflict elves loyal to Eltharion completed the ritual of ending and stopped the flow of power to the shaman. Stunned, the Shaman was swiftly beheaded by Eltharion. The battle turned against the Goblins and Grom hlmself, having failed to stop his goblins from fleeing, shrugged and walked away. Eltharion spent the rest of the night struggling to calm the raging storm of magic unleashed by Black Tooth and was named as the new Warden of the city. [2b]


  • Temple of Ladrielle. [2b]
  • Watchstone: The master watchstone for the whole of Eastern Ulthuan is in the city. [2b]


  • Spire Guard: Originally formed as guards of the Warden of Tor Yvresse. [1a]


  • Eltharion: Warden of the City. [2b]
  • Ferghal of the Iron Spear: Noble and Commander of the army that met in battle Grom the Paunch outside the city. Like many of his warriors, he did not survive. [2b]


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