Phoenix Guard

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Two warriors of the Phoenix Guard.

The Phoenix Guard are the protectors of the Shrine of Asuryan, a great pyramid seen as the foremost temple to Asuryan, the elven creator-deity. Within the chamber the past and future of the Phoenix Kings is written on its walls in flaming letters, and any who see it are granted knowledge of both future and past and of the moment of their own death. All who see the writing are bound by a magical oath of silence from which they are never released, meaning that Phoenix Guard cannot communicate with any other living creature.

Aside from protecting the Shrine of Asuryan, the Phoenix Guard will always appear when the current Phoenix King dies to bear his body away to the White Ship that will carry it to its final resting place. It is also their duty to attend to the candidate of the new Phoenix King before and immediately after he passes through the flames.

The oath of silence and service to Asuryan grants the Phoenix Guard a measure of direct protection from their god, causing enemy blows and missiles to be turned aside and the air around them to throb with divine power. This is a terrifying experience for any who stand against them.

During the End Times, the Black Guard and the Phoenix Guard were united to form Malekith's personal elite regiment, the Shadowfire Guard.



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