Battle at the Gates of the Dawn

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Battle at the Gates of the Dawn
Conflict War against Nagash
Date -1750 IC
Location Valley of the Kings
Outcome Victory for Lybaras and Rasetra
Lybaras and Rasetra Quatar
Hekhmenukep and Rakh-amn-hotep Nemuhareb

In -1750 IC King Rakh-amn-hotep joined with King Hekhmenukep to march their armies through the Valley of Kings, hoping to reach the Gates of the Dusk before Quatar could stop them. They would then march on Khemri and the usurper king Nagash.[1a]

Using the airships of Lybaras to carry their supplies, the combined army marched a hundred leagues in five days, but as the approached the Gates of the Dawn, the Tomb Guard of Quatar moved to block them clashing with the advance guard of light horsemen and driving them back. [1a]


The allied army deloyed across the road froming a battle line about a mile and a half wide with the infantry of Rasetra in the centre and on the left, whist that of Lybaras held the right flank supported by their light cavalry. They hid the Rasetran chariots behind a low ridge on the left flank and the catapults also deployed on the left. [1a]

The infamous Tomb Guard of Quatar advanced upon them on a broad front with archers dispersed amogst them, light cavalry and two large chariot companies behind them. One company of chariots and the light cavalry moved out to threaten the left flank of the allied army as they moved closer. [1a]


The battle commenced with an exchange of arrows, enhanced on the allied side by the rock flinging catapults, but as the two armies closed, they archers on both sides retreated behind the heavy infantry. The two battlelines clashed and the superior power of the Quatar Tomb Guard quickly began to grind down their enemy. [1a]

After several minutes, the Tomb Guard hacked their way through the left flank and the allied army began to fall back as the chariots of Quatar now began their charge. Rakh-amn-hotep now ordered his own chariot reserve to counter the Tomb Guard and as they charged, Tomb Scorpions errupted beneath the enemy chariots, shattering their advance. The huge lizards terrified the horses of the chariots of Quatar and their light cavalry also fled the field.[1a]

Cut off from his army, Nemuhareb offered his surrender. [1a]


The Hieretic Council financed the campaign against Nagash but only sent a small contingent of its famed Warrior Priests under Nebunefer the Just. [1a]

  • Quatar
    • Archers: Able to effectively fire on the move. [1a]
    • Chariots. [1a]
    • Light Horsemen. [1a]
    • Tomb Guard: Equiped with leather armour, wood shields and huge swords, they alone were as large a force as the allied army. [1a]
  • Rasetra
    • 200 Chariots drawn by vicious two legged jungle lizards (Likely Cold Ones), never before fielded against another Nehekharan city. [1a]
    • Heavy Infantry armed with mace and shield. [1a]


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