Siege of Lahmia

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Siege of Lahmia
Date -1200 IC
Location Lahmia
Outcome Victory for Alcadizzar
Cities of Nehekhara Lahmia
King Alcadizzar Neferata
60,000+ 25,000+ living warriors plus many animated corpses


In -1200 IC Alcadizzar and warriors of the Bani-al-Hashim intercepted the vampire Zurhas and his escorts travelling from Lahmia to try and forge an alliance with Nagash, gaining him the proof he needed of the true nature of the rulers of Lahmia. [1a] He dispatched the head and letters to his brother who called upon the other rulers of Nehekhara to gather and march upon Lahmia and its undead rulers. By the end of the year, they had gathered into a mighty host on the Golden Plain, joined by the tribes of the desert. [1b]

The army of the united Nehkhara encamped and deployed in a wide arc before the city. [1e]


As night fell, the Lahmians launched a multi-pronged attack - Lord Ankhat leading the entire army, a force of some 25,000 from the south gate whilst Ushoran hid himself in the Necropolis awaiting the dead to be summoned by W'soran. Although Alcadizzar had anticipated both a night attack and the dead being used against them , the initial advantage remained with Lahmia. [1e]

He deployed his best troops, the battle-hardened veterans from Rasetra to secure the left flank nearest the Necropolis, the centre - opposite the West Gate - was held by the army of Ka-Sabar. On his right he deployed the army of Zandri and their barbarian mercenaries, holding the bulk of the cavalry in reserve. [1e]

Ankhat and his men cut initially through the northerners as they charged out of their camp to meet his advance and as the remaining mercenaries formed a shield line, he ordered his chariots to flank them. Prince Heru and the Rastetrans were pushed back, calling for support from the artillery - but they remained silent despite several orders from Alcadizzar to attack. The new king of Khemri commanded Queen Omorose to counter-attack with her cavalry, the soldiers of Khemri and Mahrak were to advance to hold the centre whilst King Aten-sefu was to use his Iron Legion to support Heru. [1e]

By now thousands of the shambling corpses, led by Ushoran were forcing their way into the heart of the camp, even as the artillery finally began to fire into their ranks. Neferata and her handmaidens now advanced from the city to take advantage of the confusion and seek out Alcadizzar himself. As the living retreated before the dead, chariot attacks served to reduce the pressure and a counter attack by the desert tribes fired numerous arrows with pitch filled bulbs before igniting them and Ushoran with thrown torches. [1e]

Ankhat and his infantry were held up by stubborn defence and barricades and then flanked by cavalry from Numas - he was forced to order a retreat. At the same time, Neferata and her maidens tore into the centre, many defenders turning on their fellows to protect the women walking towards them - those few who had the will to resist were ripped apart by their fellows or the maidens. Five vampire women shattered the entire centre of the army and the living fled before them. [1e]

As the remnants of the Lahmian army retreated towards the Western Gate, they came under artillery fire as did the gateway itself from where W'soran was commanding the dead. Neferata continued to advance with two remaining handmaidens, but was met by a force of 400 mounted desert tribesmen whose storm of arrows felled the two priestesses. Alcadizzar rode forth to confront Neferata who told him to kneel, accept her gift and become her consort. Once again, he refused. [1f]

The duel was brutal and bloody but despite his best attempts, Neferata proved too strong and too resilient, but as she prepared to drain him, he managed to stab her through the heart. Seeing her fall, Ankhat led the last of the Royal Guard in a charge to save her, soon followed by the surviving spearmen, driving off the tribesmen who retreated with Alcadizzar. Allied infantry and cavalry closed in on Ankhat and his men, still desperatly defending their Queen. [1f]

As Ankhat prepared for the end, Abhorash arrived in a whirlwind of steel and blood, telling them to take the queen to safety. The last four of the Royal Guard, shielded her with their own bodies and began to head for the city, horse archers tried to reach her with their arrows but Abhorash cut the arrows from the air with his swords. [1f]

The battle was over and the sacking of the city would soon begin. [1f]

Order of Battle


  • Khemri
    • King Alcadizzar.
      • 200 Chariots of the lords of the city.
      • 6000 Light Infantry wth javelins. [1b]
      • 2000 Slave Auxiliaries with short swords and slings. [1b]
  • Lybaras
    • King Ahmenefret. [1b]
      • Siege train consisting of 12 huge catapults, 8 ballistae and 4 armoured fire throwers, all drawn by oxen. [1b]


  • Neferata, first of the Vampires. [1c]
    • Vampire Handmaidens. [1c]
  • Lord Ankhat, Vampire. [1c]
    • The Royal Guard: [1c] Heavily armoured with sickle bladed polearms. [1e]
    • Noble Chariots: Each with a driver, 2 archers and sickle bladed wheels. [1e]
    • 2000 Cavalry. [1c]
    • 1000 Archers. [1c]
    • 17000 Citizen Levy Spearmen: [1c] Well equipped but inexperienced with a 8ft spear, shield, short sword and a iron scale shirt. [1e]
  • Lord Ushoran, Vampire. [1c]
  • W'soran, Vampire and Necromancer. [1d]
    • 1000's of the risen dead. [1e]


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