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Banner of Clan Skurvy

Clan Skurvy is a powerful Skaven Clan that deals with water transport for the Under-Empire. [1a]

The stronghold of the clan is located beneath city of Tobaro in Tilea. [2a]

The clan runs and maintains the barges, scows, piers and warehouses that are vital to trade and the skaven economy. In particular they ensue that food and slaves reach Skavenblight in substantial amounts and before they are spoiled, this gives the clan tremendous reach, power and influence across skavendom - they also conduct piracy. Skaven in the clan often have an affinity for the water, something that seems mad to many others of their race. [1a]



The clan vessels are usually ramshackle affairs cobbled together from salvaged wrecks of other races. [1a] The clan is negotiating with Clan Skryre to supply them with warpsteam engines which would increase the range and power of their fleet. [2a]

All crewmembers are suspected of being part of a mutiny, which is just as well as they are all planning to do so. Crew mark their loyalty to the ship rather than any captain. [3a]

Known Ships


Clan Skurvy rose to prominence during the Great Summoning of 2302 IC, when Viskit Ironscratch ascended to the Council of Thirteen. In the wake of this event, Viskit was able to persuade the council that, since the Clan's holdings were mainly located beneath the Tilean port city of Tobaro, Clan Skurvy should be granted a stipend of warptokens to create and outfit a navy. This gain came as a result of three factors: first, Clan Skurvy's small stature meant that even a significant gain would not make it powerful enough to threaten the established ruling clans, who consequently preferred to see the allotment of warpotkens go to it rather than empower a more serious rival. Second, Viskit was able to obtain the support of other clans by pledging to purchase weaponry and specialists from Clans Skryre, Moulder, Eshin, and Pestilens. Third, Seerlord Kritislik strongly objected to the creation of a navy, since he felt that it would be too over and unnecessarily risk exposing the Skaven's existence, and it is likely that the other Council-members voted for it in order to annoy the Seerlord.[5a]

The Skurvy fleet became active by 2321 AC. On that year, strange ramshackle craft were spotted on the Tilean sea, and the mariners of Barak Varr reported sinking vessels manned by Skaven sailors.[5a]

The clan was ordered by the Council of Thirteen to build a new fleet at Spineport to support the attack on the High Elf citadel of Calith on the southern tip of Cathay. [2b]



Below the Fleetmaster of the Clan are varied vermin-admirals and claw-captains. [4]

The elite fighting skaven of the Clan are known as Storm-vermarines. [4]



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