Putrid Blightking

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Putrid Blightkings are enormous bloated warriors, festering with pustules and plagues, and some of Nurgle's most favoured mortal servants. These rotting, bellicose murderers, blessed with the bite of daemonfly, lumber into battle with their tocsins tolling.[1][2]

They wield, with a shockingly deceptive skill and speed, a variety of filth-encrusted Blighted Weapons, like scythes, mauls, axes and flais, into battle.[1][2]


The leaders of Putrid Blightkings, blessed with greater resilience.[2]

Icon Bearers

Icon Bearers wield the blighted icons of Nurgle into battle, inspiring other Putrid Blightkings into fighting harder for their lord.[2]

Sonorous Tocsins

The gigantic bells known as Sonorous Tocsins are carried by the Putrid Blightkings and toll to announce their charge.[2]