Beasts of Telldros

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The Beasts of Telldros are a infamous warband of monsters that has been responsible for countless acts of devastation over several centuries. [1a]


After the Battle of Icicle Pass, the army of the Chaos Lord Telldros the Vanquisher was defeated and routed by a force led by a Marauder Chieftain. In the aftermath, several surviving Chaos Spawn, a Mutalith Vortex Beast and a Giant were united by a group of surviving Dragon Ogres seeking voilent revenge for their defeat. [1a]

They rampaged through the lands of the Chieftain, killing many of his warriors and then moving through Troll Country, Norsca and finally the Empire. [1a]

They attacked the lair of Throgg in 2435 IC, rampaging through to Winter Pyre until Throgg used a Bray Shaman as living bait to aim them at a rivals lands. 2446 IC saw them storming through the Mountains of Mourn, devouring Ogres and on one night attacking two seperate tribes, causing the survivors to go to war with each other. [1b]

Bechafen is attacked in the dead of night in 2451 IC allowing Festus the Leechlord to exploit the resulting devestation to seed the fields with Nurglings.[1b]

The Chaos Lord Vicharch seeks out the Beasts in 2487 IC and although they refuse to join his horde they rampage alongside them for a time, destroying an Empire army in the Middle Mountains. [1b]

Markus Wulfhart tracks them across Norsca in 2501 IC, killing other monsters in his progress but the beasts remain elusive. The Huntsmarshal returns to the Empire in the winter but vows to return to hunt them again. [1b]


I expected him to put up a fight. I’d seen that man not long before hold his own against a band of Ogres and still live to tell the tale. This time, not even his sacred screams could help anyone. It was them dragon brutes that did him in, in the end – a clever lot, they were. They circled him and mock-charged and then came at him from all sides. He didn’t know where to look. They were toying with him

~ Vendrik.[1a]


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