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Kormak was a warrior of the Schwarzvolf tribe and later champion of Valkia the bloody. [1]

He is now bound to the armour that encloses him and the service of his mistress. [1f]


He was one of the warriors that joined his hetwoman Valkia into the Chaos Wastes and was the first to be injured. A mountain lioness managed to savage him, tearing off his arm before the Warspeaker Hepsus killed her. Despite his grave injury he insisted that he be allowed to continue and Valkia, impressed with his loyalty told him he would be rewarded in time if he was strong enough. [1a]

When they reached their destination, eight vast green steps climbing into the heavens where a portal awaited to the Realm of Chaos, only Kormak followed Valkia to begin climbing, headless of the oncoming legion of Daemons of Slaanesh. His hetwoman again recognised him as the only truly loyal warrior, telling him that The prize will be ours, Kormak. [1b]

The Daemons flowed around Valkia and attacked him first, but Valkia noted that he died with his axe embedded in the skull of an enemy and a curse on his lips. [1b]

His soul lingered on, impotent but filled with fury until she returned and offered him the opportunity to follow her once more. She cut runes into the corpse until he sat upright, molten brass and fire spewed out of the stump of his lost arm before his entire form was encased in crimson red armour, the skull rune of Khorne adorming his chest. Valkia then gifted him with a axe created from the essence of several deamons and compelled a juggernaut to serve him as a mount. [1c]

As she gathered an army, several of her newer recruits sought to challenge his position at the head of Valkia's army but none even managed to dent his armour. [1d] He led the charge of Bloodletters that broke the Schwarzvolf line [1e] and as Valkia departed with the daemons, she told him to spread the bloody word. Carve a path of death and glory and bury the land in skulls. [1f]


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I still have my axe, I can still fight.

~ Kormak to Valkia.[1a]

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