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Throgg is the King of Trolls that united the creatures of the hinterlands into a vast army to destroy the race of Man.

He is a being possessed by a grim and malevolent cunning. The weapons embedded into his skin both shows the toughness of his skin, thick, scaly an spiked, and has trophies. He wield an immense chain-bound rock-hammer and a ragged cloak sporting various trophies and braids into battle. He has huge, fibrous, muscular arms and a thick-toothed maw. Skulls are woven into his hair.[1]

Breeding Programme

Throgg hopes to create more intelligent trolls and to that end has kidnapped a number of wizards including a Imperial Wizard of the Empire, two vitki of the Sarl and even a Skaven Master Moulder. [3a]


He enjoys fishing, sitting alone with his thoughts on a cliff, casting out a line to snare and drag in a fishing boat or merely hold it in place so he can wade out and batter his catch. [3a]


The Beasts of Telldros attacked his lair in 2435 IC, rampaging through to Winter Pyre until Throgg used a Bray Shaman as living bait to aim the monsters at a rivals lands. [2a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • Throgg's Maul: A tree trunk fitted with a massive stone head. [3a]
  • Wintertooth Crown: An ancient magical crown that draws wild animals and monsters to srve its wearer. [3a]




Sit and talk then, scion of the warm southern lands. It has been some time since I enjoyed a good conversation. But keep a respectful tongue in your head, for I am a king. And if that does not sway you, think on this — it has also been some time since I last ate.

~ Throgg. [3a]


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