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Kayzk the Befouled

Kayzk the Befouled was a Chaos Champion of Nurgle. [1a]

He was commander of a order of Chaos Knights, the Rot Knights who served the Master of Plagues. [1a]

Kazyk has gifted Nurgle with voice, his vocal cords now nothing more than an open would, his flesh which no longer as an feeling and is a rotting, plaue ridden mass. [1e]


He was one of the first to pledg himself to Tamurkhan in the Chaos Wastes[1e] and was part of his horde that Maggot Lord led to Zanbaijin.[1a] There, Kayzk led a brutal charge that slaughtered the mighty mutant Forsaken of Sargath the Vain, being the hammer against the anvil of the flayed-hounds of Hakka the Aesling. [1b]

At the Battle of Nuln in 2510 IC, he and his knights rode ahead of Tamurkhan as his honour guard, charging the massed infantry that awaited them. The majority of the arrows and bullets failed to penetrate their thick, slime encrusted armour but at the last moment, the imperial line broke only to reveal three Hellblaster Volley Guns. The deadly weapons blasted great holes in the ranks of his massed knights but the survivors were undaunted and plunged into the remaining infantry. [1c]

A fresh regiment Greatswords, the Exchequer Guard entered the fray, joined by the Arch-Lector of Nuln and scores of Flagellants and now the knights were hard pressed. In turn their own reinforcements arrived, Tamurkhan himself on Bubebolos, mutated Giants and deamons of Nurgle as well as many Beastmen.[1c]

When night began to fall, the horde fell back and Kayzk rode in veangeful pursuit of the Chaos Dwarfs who had retreated to Dakarhaus and who fired upon him and his chosen riders. [1d] It is said he fell there, killed by the magic of Lord Drazhoath. [1e]

Weapons and Equipment

It was extremely hard to inflict meaningful wounds on Kayzk and he healed unaturally quickly. [1e]

  • 8th Edition: Chaos Armour, Hand Weapon, Lance, Rotbeast, Shield. All his weapons are Poisoned. [1f]
  • Rot Beast: He rides a huge, mutated creature which swiftly exudes healing pus over any wounds that they suffer. [1e]



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