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Dechala the Denied One is a Elven Chaos Champion of Slaanesh and mistress of the Tormentors Warband. [1a][2][3]


Rather than legs, Dechala now has the sinuous and lithe body of a snake with a multi-headed tail dripping with mind sapping poison. Her skin is milk-white and smooth whilst her deep blue glowing eyes promise both pain and pleasure. [1a] She has three pairs of arms. [3]

On her face is single scar inflicted by a Champion of Khorne, causing her to hate all servants of the Blood God. [1a]

In battle she dances to amuse her patron whilst her swords whistle eerily as she moves, often entrapping her opponents as she cuts them to pieces. [1a]


  • Daggerdance: As she dances, her whirling blades form a wall of steel that even swordmasters can not penetrate. [1a]
  • Dance of Destruction: Filled with frantic energy, her blades slice off limbs and heads with ease. [1a]
  • Praise of Slaanesh: Her twisting body becomes even more difficult to hit. [1a]


Her exact origins are unknown but it is said she was once an Elf Princess and is blessed in many ways by Slaanesh with inhuman beauty and agelessness. [1a]

One version of her legend states that she was the daughter of a lord of Nagarythe, An-Toralis who had fought alongside Aenarion himself against Chaos. Her beauty gained the attention of the Daemon Prince Samael and despite her attempts to flee, he would always find her and her family. The desire of the Daemon was like nothing he had ever felt before and rather than simply steel her away he sought to drive fear and hatred into the hearts and minds of her family. [4]

He gave them a choice, give Dechala to him and he would leave them in peace but until they did so he killed servants and pets in horrific ways, violated homes and minds, pushing them constantly towards madness. Finally, An-Toralis handed his daughter over Samael. The Daemon decided that he would corrupt his prize and ensure that her grace and beauty were his forever. Bitter towards her family and fearful of her captor, Dechala became the monster he wanted her to be and agreed to be his bride if she could enact vengeance on her family. [4]

Filled with unholy joy, Samael gave her powers, skill with blades and strength and unleashed her on the camp of her father where she salughtered her relatives and drank the blood of their children, saving An-Toralis for last. Slaanesh itself took notice and gifted her with his Mark but this sign of favour began to breed jealousy in her would be master but still they were married. Still, she did not take to servitude and demanded equality, fleeing into the Chaos Wastes. [4]

Enraged, Samael appealed to Slaanesh but was initially rebuked, however it relented and stated that If Dechala agrees to return to you of her own volition, then she is yours to do with as you please. But should she choose to remain apart from you, no matter how far Dechala may rise in My favour and Grace, she will never ascend to your height of Daemonhood as long as you yet survive. [4]


Dechala seeks freedom from all restraints of law and order for not just herself but for all beings and is served by a horde of slaves.[1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition: Chaos Armour, Elixir of Damnation, Multitude of Swords. [1a]
  • Elixir of Damnation: Her tail and weapons are coated in this poison that that can mutate a victim, leaving them paralysed in ecstasy and pain. [1a][3] It is created from a mix of the vile fluids of her fornication, sacrificed blood and Warpstone. [4]



I write of my love, I write of my mistress, she who is the Daughter of Pleasure, the Sister of Delight. Though her arms and neck sparkle with gorgeous jewels, they are dull and devoid of lustre next to to the sedecutive malice that shines from her eyes. Her lips are full and wanton, her teeth are needle-like pearls. In her hand she holds a golden Chalice, overflowing with the wine of her hatred. She is drunk with the blood of righteous men, and her body sways to the song of lost innocence. Though I long for her embrace, I fear her, for I know that though Death stands before me, my lady shall never let me go. Traveller, heed my words. the Favoured Concubine has returned and she shall claim back all that was denied her.

~ Inscribed upon a pink veined marble monolith in the Chaos Wastes.[5]


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