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Dechala the Denied One is a Elven Chaos Champion of Slaanesh and mistress of the Tormentors Warband. [1a][2][3a]


Rather than legs, Dechala now has the sinuous and lithe body of a snake with a multi-headed tail dripping with mind sapping poison. Her skin is milk-white and smooth whilst her deep blue glowing eyes promise both pain and pleasure. [1a] She had three pairs of arms. [3a]

In battle she dances to amuse her patron whilst her swords whistle eerily as she moves, often entrapping her opponents as she cuts them to pieces. [1a]


  • Daggerdance: As she dances, her whirling blades form a wall of steel that even swordmasters can not penetrate. [1a]
  • Dance of Destruction: Filled with frantic energy, her blades slice off limbs and heads with ease. [1a]
  • Praise of Slaanesh: Her twisting body becomes even more difficult to hit. [1a]


Her exact origins are unknown but it is said she was once an Elf Princess and is blessed in many ways by Slaanesh with inhuman beauty and agelessness. [1a]

On her face is single scar inflicted by a Champion of Khorne, causing her to hate all servants of the Blood God. [1a]


Dechala seeks freedom from all restraints of law and order for not just herself but for all beings and is served by a horde of slaves.[1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition: Chaos Armour, Elixir of Damnation, Multitude of Swords. [1a]
  • Elixir of Damnation: Her tail and weapons are coated in this poison that that can mutate a victim, leaving them paralysed in ecstasy and pain. [1a][3a]


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