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The Enraptured of Slaanesh makes his final stand.

Qae'larne, Enraptured of Slaanesh was an Exalted Chaos Champion of Slaanesh. Qae'larne led a samll force of warriors in an attempt to kill Valten, the Chosen of Sigmar.


Not long after the discovery of Valten by the Warrior Priest Luthor Huss, the pair came across a village sacked by a Slaneeshi raiding party . Valten, Huss and five other Warrior Priests charged into battle, watched by the deadly Champion Qae'larne.

Que'larne had been sent by a Slaneeshi Chaos Lord named Vradchuck to kill Valten and his bodyguards. Sat astride his lightning fast mount and wielding a mighty Great Weapon he led his warriors into battle...

Que'larne was ultimately slain during the fierce battle that ensued, slain by the fearsome Warrior Priest, Ludwig van Hortsman. The Priest wore a powerful blessed talisman, weakening Qae'larne long enough to be cast down by the power of Sigmar.


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