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The Kurgan and the Hung are just samples of the kinds of savage people that live in the Chaos Wastes. There are countless tribes of insignificant size individually, but when combined, they become a formidable force. Among them, there are those who strike fear even into the hearts of those servants of Chaos who dominate the Wastes. The most notable are the Tong.

Centuries ago, there emerged a great host of warriors from the distant east. They carved a bloody swathe through the lands, destroying any tribe that got in their way. Not even the Kurgan could stand against them. Those who tried were utterly destroyed. These raiders were the Tong. The reason for their success stemmed for their complete and total disregard for their own well-being. They threw themselves onto the spears and swords of their enemies to hack their way to the other side. If disarmed, they rent their foes with their bare hands. One by one, they cut a path through the Kurgan hordes, then, inexplicably, they stopped and turned back the way they had come.

The Tong vanished after their destruction by the Skulltaker, and the tribes of the Eastern Steppes regained their strength. While Asavar Kul defeated his rivals and gained the Crown of Domination from Be’lakor, the Tong readied a new offensive, marching forth from their distant lands once more. The Hordes of Chaos spilled out of the Chaos Wastes and invaded Kislev as recounted in dozens of tales about the Great War Against Chaos, but in their footsteps came the despoilers of the east. Thankfully, the Tong never joined the rest of the hordes. Instead, this horde turned south to slaughter the wandering tribes of Men. When they were through, they wiped out warband after warband of Hobgoblins, burning and killing everything in their path. The horde raged for five years, seeking out the greatest tribes and killing them all. Their bloodlust slaked, they returned, unchallenged, back to the north, vanishing into the depths of the Chaos Wastes.

Since the Great War, the Tong have never resurfaced as a horde. From time to time, a small warband might emerge, joining the occasional Incursion, but thankfully never in the numbers they presented centuries ago. So rare are these warriors that no one knows for sure what they look like, except to say that are the most mutated and hideous of all the northern tribes.


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