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Sir Geg of Wainfleet is also known as the Peasant Knight.[1a]


He was born the son of a farmer, apowerful man but with simple tastes working the fields and taking a large jug of ale every Lady's Eve. The village of Wainfleet was ruled by Sir Galas, a poor lord who enjoyed chasing his tenants on horseback and was quick to execute them on the smallest excuse. [1a]

After three years of misrule, Sir Galas left on a Grail quest in the Spring and did not return until the the next Spring and then shut himself up in his castle. No one took much notice until Goblins came raiding and all expected that the Knight would ride out to protect them - as was his duty. He did not. [1a]

An angry Geg fought the greenskins, killing three and his blood up leading the villagers to seek out more until the Goblins fled the area. However looking at the ruined village, his anger turned towards the knight in his castle and he marched to the gate, demanding entry. Within he discovered the knight slumped in the solar, filthy and with a great cabbage sized boil on his neck, covered in flies. [1a]

The pestulant knight drew his sword and Geg backed away until he heard the voice of the Lady, telling him to lance the boil. He took a lance from the wall and did just that, killing the infected man. The Lady herself then appeared to the villagers and bid Geg sup from the Grail itself, annointing him as a knight. [1a]

Since that day, Geg has been the knight of the village but the uncle of Sir Galas claims it is all just a peasants revolt. He attempted to use his Knights of the Realm against Sir Geg but they failed. [1a]


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