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Rademund the Pure was the first Duke of Quenelles and the seventh of the Grail Companions of Gilles le Breton during the Twelve Great Battles that freed and unified Bretonnia. Chaste, honourable and untainted, Duke Redemund was one of the lady's most virtuous champions, upholding her honour throughout the land.


Rademund was the lord of the Bretonni of Castle Quenelles and the surrounding lands by 977 IC, when Gilles le Breton began his campaign to free the lands of Bretonnia.

Rademund joined the Grail Companions of Gilles after the lords of Bastonne, Mousillon, Lyonesse, Bordeleaux, Aquitaine, Brionne and Carcassonne came to his aid during the fourth of the Twelve Great Battles. The Companions attacked the greenskins that were cutting and burning the ancient forests of Athel Loren. In a night of blood and fire, the Companions fought tirelessly with skill unmatched and awesome majesty. The dark was lit by shining sword and eye ablaze, and the wrath of the Lady of the Lake was such that her champions could not fall. Bough joined blade as the ancient forest came to the Companions' aid, to choke and bind, to smite flesh and break bone. The Wood Elves flitted beyond sight amongst the branches, striking down those that dared to harm their realm. Thus did Gilles and Rademund become friends to the Fay, and thereafter it was said Lord Rademound could walk among them without fear. In honour to the capricious and dangerous spirits and faeries of Athel Loren that border with Quenelles, he took the heraldry of the unicorn.

After the securing of all the lands of the Bretonni tribes, a great meeting took place in the home of Folgar of Artois. Here, the formal dukedoms were created, and the Bretonnian calendar was introduced - thus, year 979 of the Imperial Calendar is considered year 1 of the Bretonnian one. Each of the great lords of the Bretonni, the fourteen Grail Companions, including Gilles le Breton, were named Dukes. The Dukes swore oaths of allegiance, and Bretonnia was formed.


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