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Baron Lucus of Brilloinne was a sacred Grail Knight of Bretonnia who founded the great Castle of Brilloinne.


Lucus earned renown as a Questing Knight, travelling the Old World he recovered many cursed items, trinkets and dark artefacts of sorcerous power. Lucus secured these unholy weapons within a sacred Grail Chapel about which he built his mighty castle. The Baron was soon found worthy to sup from the Holy Grail, meanwhile his deeds as a mighty warrior had become legendary as far away as the Empire, and even after his death, an entire army of Battle Pilgrims attended his chapel night and day.

When the hordes of Archaon arrived in Bretonnia, the Everchosen led his armies to Brilloine Castle. Archaon had heard of the mighty Lucus when he was still a child and wished to capture the dark artefacts he had hidden within his sacred chapel. During the bloody siege Archaon duelled against Lucas' young and arrogant grandson, Lucas the Younger was far less skilled than his ancestor but still managed to survive against Archaon thanks to his Hippogryph. The young lord was later killed by a monstrous Slaughterbrute, causing his peasant army to flee in terror and the castle to fall. When Archaon finally entered the sacred Chapel he realised he was in a dangerous place, the holy power of Baron Lucus had long infused it's grounds, draining Archaon of his potency. The Everchosen felt himself burning with the fires of absolution. His eyes burned to open. His flesh burned within his plate. His mind burned with the hallowed nature of the place. He was saved when the Slaughterbrute demolished the foundations with its monstrous fists, turning the holy place into rubble. Shaking of the draining fury off the chapel's consecration, Archaon left the Baron's legacy as a desecrated ruin.


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