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Sir Richemont, was the young son of the ageing Duke Gilon of Aquitaine, a skilled Questing Knight he would later inherit his fathers rule.[1a]

Sir Richemont was a skilled and tenacious Questing Knight, unbeaten in tourney. [1d]


Sir Richemont was known for as a brave, reckless and mighty knight, undefeated in tournament. His devotion to The Lady was as deep as his belief in Bretonnia itself, considering it a sacred land to be protected at all costs. He had taken on the quest for The Grail, a grueling task his famed father had completed long ago.

Whilst at the Grail Chapel in Couronne he recieved visions of his home being attacked by a host of the Undead and immediately rode for his castle. [1a]

Sir Richemont decided to ride against the undead host of the Red Duke, hoping to destroy the bridge over the river Morceaux to win more time for his father to gather his forces. It was here that he encountered the Red Duke's fearsome lieutenant, The Dark Knight. [1a] Richemont knew that he stood little chance against the vampire but his weapon was blessed by The Lady and proved a deadly anathema to the creature, injuring the Dark Knight and causing him to flee.

Richemont fought at the final battle for Cerin field, the young heir to Aquitaine charged his formation into a horde of undead. Richemont's steed was salon and the knight was forced to face his enemies on foot, surrounded on all sides by a teeming mass of skeletal warriors. Richemont soon realised that he was one of the only survivors from his charge, cutting down a swathe of undead and surrounded by broken bones and the bodies of his men.

It was then that Duke Gilon himself dove from the skies, straight towards the Red Duke. Despite the Grail Knights skill and having landed a wound upon the vampire lord, the ageing hero was ultimately slain.

It was at this moment that Richemont inherited the title of Duke and vowed to destroy the foul creature who had slain his father.[1c]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition: Armour of Protection, Barded Warhorse, Lance, Shield, Sword. [1b]
  • The Armour of Protection was the traditional and extremely durable armour of heirs of Aquitaine. [1d]


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