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Amphisbaena2.jpg This article is about the Grail Knight;
for the senior Tancred, consult Tancred I.

Tancred II also known as Tancred Duc de Quenelles was the Duke of Quenelles[1a][2b][3a], Earl of Cuileux,[3b], Victor of La Maisontaal[1b][3a] and a mighty Grail Knight.

Tancred, Duke of Quenelles.


Born into the noble family of Quenelles, Tancred would inherit the dukedom after his father passed away. Tancred II, like his father Tancred I,[2a][2b] was the avowed enemy of the Lichemaster [5a] and the undead, leading an army in the Battle of La Maisontaal, he crushed Heinrich Kemmlers forces in 1513 (2491 IC)[2b][3a]and drove the necromancer into hiding.

Making it his personal duty, he would become renowned for slaying necromancers and undead throughout Bretonnia. Gifted with powerful relics and tasked with defeating Kemmler at every turn, Tancred became a renowned hero and leader protecting Quenelles from its foes for decades.

End Times

Tancred would meet his heroic end during the End Times, in a duel against both Krell and the Lichemaster.[2a][2b] The Duke defeated both mighty foes individually but was blindsided by Krell as he readied a killing blow on Kemmler as the Wight lord had snuck behind Tancred and beheaded him with his axe. Like all Grail Knights Tancred would never truly die, instead his spirit went to a new world as part of Lileaths plan to save the human race.

Waepons and Equipment

Tancred was one of the Grail Knights, a group considered to be the ultimate human warriors. Like all Grail Knights, he had enhanced strength, speed and endurance beyond any mortal warrior. His skill would be shown when he managed to defeat both Krell and Heinrich Kemmmler individually during his final stand. He was also known to drink from an enchanted flask before each battle, blessed by the lady herself the water in this flask would enhance his already impressive abilities.

  • The Blade of Couronne was a powerful enchanted sword. When Tancred pledged himself to seek and slay Kemmler, he was given this as a gift from the King. It was discovered in a ruin in Couronne and was doubtless forged to be wielded against the undead hordes of Settra who best the land during the dark age of Bretonnia. [4a] [5a]
  • The Blessed Draught was a flask of holy water, taken from the pool where the Lady of the Lake granted him a vision of the Grail. When drunk it would enhance his strength dramatically. Adding to his already enhanced abilities. [5a]
  • The Grail Shield was an ancient heirloom presented to Tancred for its renowned powers against the undead. Bearing the image of the Grail, it shone with a pure white light that undead creatures could not bear to look upon.[4a] [5a]


Tancred had four sons, all of whom perished in one way or another.[3a][3b] After his death, the Quenelles passed to a distant cousin of his, Jerrod.[2b]


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