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Chilfroy is the current Duke of Artois, Bretonnia. He is a huge and muscular man, stronger and tougher than any of his knights or nobles. He is also famously grim: he has never been heard to laugh and reputedly only smiles when surveying the devastation he has wrought on his enemies. Whilst not a subtle man, he is a great war leader when strategies are simple and his followers need only be inspired.

The Duke spends most of his time hunting beasts, Beastmen, and other monsters in the depths of the Forest of Arden. The great hall of Castle Artois is decorated with the preserved heads and pelts of his greatest victories. He holds the ducal law court there and is notorious for dealing with cases quickly by declaring the higher-ranked party to be in the right, handing down brutal punishments to the loser. As a result, people do everything they can to avoid taking a case before the Duke, which is the way Chilfroy likes it.


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