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Lady Nicolete of Oisement

Lady Nicolete of Oisement is a infamous Wizard of Mousillon. [1a]


Despite her age, she retains a youthful look at a distance but her eyes are now jet black and her skin tight and leathery. Nicolete dresses as a lady and conducts herself as one, but can now muster little more than cold politeness to other humans. [1b]


She uses a Black Castle and a Black Key on a white field - the coat of arms of her late husband. [1b]


In her youth, she travelled to Tilea and returned with the Black Diamond Tiara. [1b]

After her husband died of the Bloody Flux, she took control over her domain and at first was no worse than any other noble, only impaling the worst criminals. However, she soon began to levy a new tax, demanding their children. [1a]

She raised them as acolytes in the dark arts, assisting her with her research but she also used them to power her spells. As they weakened and died, she only grew stronger and more vigorous. [1b]

She took a visiting Wizard from the Border Kingdoms as a lover, and he gifted her with the Blood Opal Broach but then after only a few weeks he vanished. Nicolete still wears the broach at all times. [1b]

When a daughter of the Duke of Lyonesse disapeared nearby, the Questing Knight Isander followed her trail to Chateau Oisement and knew that the Lady had guided him there to end the villainous ways of Nicolete. [1a]

Accused of Witchcraft and murder, she was then walled up in her home as the Knight could not harm a lady of noble birth. [1a] Several of her servants remained loyal and were interred with her and she drained them to extend her own life. They were also sent out of the Chateau to bring her more children and books of arcane lore. [1b]

She now seeks to become one with the Winds of Magic. [1b]


Weapons and Equipment

  • Black Diamond Tiara: The central diamond is mounted on a Gromril band, stolen from Khemri it protects Zombies controlled by the wearer. [1b]
  • Blood Opal Brooch: A gift from a vanished lover, it resembles a large spider and helps protect the wearer against enemy spells. [1b]
  • Gown of Tears: A black dress studded with moonstones it helps protect her from enemies. [1b]


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