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Warlord Gnawdwell is the current ruler of Clan Mors and a member of the Council of Thirteen. This mighty Skaven Warlord lives within a tall tower rising over multiple layers of cellars and burrows at the heart of the Clan Mors quarter of Skavenblight. An incredibly old Skaven kept alive by the vats of life-giving fluids bought from Clan Skyre at great expense, there was still nothing to betray Gnawdwell’s vast age. He was physically imposing, strongly muscled and barrel-chested. He might have lived like a seer, surrounded by his stolen knowledge. He might be dressed in robes of the finest-quality cloth scavenged from the world above, fitted to his form by expert slave-tailors in the warrens of Skavenblight. But he still moved like a warrior, yet have the mind of a cold, calculating killer.[2]

Warlord Gnawdwell was ruler of his Clan since the time of its meteroic rise to power, having eliminated several of his closest rivals to obtain such a position. He achieved this through countless assassinations, deceit and at times outright war, earning Clan Mors the fearful respect of the other clans. In one surprise attack, the water supply of a rival was tainted with a foul contagion purchased from Clan Pestilens. Warlord Gnawdwell marched with his Clanrats into his rival's domain, trampling over countless poisoned corpses and slaughtering those few who survived to claim the labyrinthine warren for his own. Clan Mors has had a great influx of new slaves and gained significant wealth from its sudden rise in status, so much so that it is almost strong enough to rival the four greater clans from its stronghold in the City of Pillars.[1]