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Thratquee is an ancient Skaven Grey Seer of the city-burrow of Under-Altdorf. [1]


An elderly white furred skaven with mismatched horns, he effortlessly projects an air of the corrupt, cunning politician - merely observing the bickering of the Council he heads before making pronouncements. [1a]


He welcomed fellow Grey Seer Thanquol to the city, meeting him in his lair and discussing his pursuit of the Wormstone. [1b]

Subsequently, Thanquol would try to blame him for the devastation of the city-burrow and loss of the stone in his report to the Council of Thirteen, but the Council considered that both outcomes were now desirable and made plans to reward the old Seer and increase his power! [2a]


His well-protected lair can be found beneath the temple of the Horned Rat, the floor made of massive stolen granite blocks and the walls stone lined with steel to prevent burrowing attacks from enemies. Battered and mangled chandeliers hang above, lighting the room with green light from the warpstone lamps whilst Thratquee himself lies upon a fetid mound of soiled pillows with his bodyguard-consorts. [1b]

He keeps a pair of heavily muscled females in his lair, chained to metal rings and usually to be found reclining on the pillows, one on each side of the Seer. Unlike most females these are dangerous and protective of their master - Thanquol thinks they are similar to Rat Ogres in size and strength. This provides Thratquee with an unexpected extra layer of protection - very few skaven would consider females at all, and certainly not as a threat. A kennel near the entrance to the hall houses a emasculated human slave. [1b]


Perhaps Skavenblight should step aside and allow those with vision to guide our people. They talk of destroying the humans, endless plots to conquer and despoil! Why? Why bother to seize with fang and claw what can so easily be taken with craft and cunning? Why conquer when we can rule from the shadows? The humans make so much for us already, never bothering to discover what happens to all that we steal and seize. Why would we wish to jeopardise everything they can give us without even knowing?

~ Thratquee .[1b]


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