Chang Fang

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Chang Fang was an skaven Assassin of Clan Eshin and member of an Eshin Triad. [1a]


When Chang Squik had been blamed for the failure of Grey Seer Thanquol's schemes in Nuln, the remaining pair of the triad were dishonoured and thrown out of Clan Eshin - Fang sought vengeance on the Seer. Having failed to kill him in Skavenblight, he was approached by minions of Lord Skrolk who covered up the attempt and killed an Eshin member of the expedition heading to Lustria, enabling Fang to take his place on the Black Mary. [1a]

He tried several times to arrange an accident on the journey but failed and as the majority swam to the shore and sharks attacked the swimming ratmen, Fang attempted to shoot the Seer in the confusion with a poison dart but missed - luckily Thanquol could not easily identify him amongst the mass of panicking skaven. Later when they had stummbled on a ruined pirate stronghold and all were fleeing from the Zombie defenders, Fang tried again finding Thanquol seperated from the rest. However before he could finish the job, he was grabbed by several zombies and all three fell into the crocodile infested swamp allowing the Seer to flee. [1b]


He had been trained with Chang Squik and Chang Kritch. [1a]


Think-think of Chang Squik before you diedie!

~Chang Fang to Thanquol .[1b]