Shen Tsinge

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Shen Tsinge was an skaven Eshin Sorceror [1a]


Shen leaned upon a gnarled staff and wore a dark robe of silk from Cathay . [1a]


He was dispatched with the Grey Seer Thanquol to kill the snake prophet of the Lizardmen and to make sure the seer obeyed the order of Shiwans master, Nightord Sneek. [1a] Tsinge was accompanied by his own Rat Ogre bodyguard, Goji who carried him through the jungle. When the skaven came across a ruined pirate stronghold, both Thanquol and Shen detected that it reeked of necromancy and Shiwan Stalkscent demanded he use his magic to protect them which he did, holding back the Zombies long enough for the expedition to retreat. [1b]