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Skabritt was a Skaven Grey Seer of the city-burrow of Under-Altdorf who sought the Wormstone. [1]


He had long curling horns that had merged to form a double-curled knot of bone. [1a]


With his apprentice, Kratch, the Seer had discovered the location of the buried burrow of Clan Mawrl which had been destroyed by Clan Pestilens using the Wormstone. With a substantial retinue they breached the cavern to find the dead skaven piled up around the warpstone artefact. However in his moment of triumph a great burrowing mutated skaven emerged and fell upon them all, as Skabritt fled with the survivors, his apprentice collapsed the tunnel, killing him. [1a]


Yes-yes. Mine it is! Power-strength! The Wormstone belongs to Skabritt!

~ Skabritt .[1a]