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Lurkwoal is a Skaven Grey Seer who led an attack on the High Elf citadel of Calith [1a]


As the war against the Dwarfs and humans was going so well, the Council of Thirteen decided to launch a campaign against the High Elves, choosing the Grey Seer Lurkwoal to lead the attack, who took a Screaming Bell with him. Several years later, following considerable planning and scouting he launched the attack from both land and sea. [1a]

At first all went well, with the great bell causing considerable damage to the walls, this was supported by the arcane weaponry aboard the Clan Skurvy fleet. Once enough breaches were made, Lurkwoal unleashed Hell Pit Abominations through them, trusting that the Skurvy fleet could handle the Elf warships that now sailed out to engage the ramshackle skaven vessels. The Elf defenders held firm and as they hordes of ratmen failed to breach the shield wall, the horde was suddenly subject to a devastating bombardment from the returning elf fleet. [1a]

Lurkwoal himself only survived the withering fire of bolts and arrows due to a regenerating Abomination which distracted the advancing elves by crashing into the rear of their battle line. He and the remnants of his army fled. Through the Farsqueaker, the Seer reported to the council that the mission was a near success and began his journey home. [1a]