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Skrittar was an elderly Skaven Grey Seer who invaded Sylvania. [1a]


After seeing warpstone meteors falling beyond the Worlds Edge Mountains, he led a force of tens of thousands of skaven into the lands of Sylvania. He lost parts of his force crossing the River Stir felling great oak trees and then more who he sacrificed to give thanks for his safe passage. Two of his apprentices died one stormy night, leaving only Krasslik to accompany his master and when he found the first meteor, he consumed it all himself. [1a]

In the foothills of the mountains he found the first inhabited settlement but it was not the living that came out to defend it but the undead. Although they won this first battle, as the army continued to advance more and more of the dead attacked, and the army began to shrink, Skitittar was forced to allow Krasslik to consume warpstone so he could better aid him in battle. Following a two day battle with the risen horde, he ordered a retreat home, his forces reduced to a tenth of what he had started with. [1a]