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Frothrend was a Skaven Stormvermin Fangleader of Clan Mors in Bonestash beneath Karak Angkul. [1a]

He is black furred and would tower over most skaven. [1a]


He was shot by a Dwarf rifle but he had only been singed, something that he ascribed to the favour of the Horned Rat, which made him very devout. [1a]

When Rikkit Snapfang fled Bonestash, he became the senior member of the clan in the burrow, reporting to Grey Seer Thanquol. [1a]


Yes-yes, Blessed Gnawer of Heaven. All-many skaven ready-wait for wisdom of Wise-holy Thanquol.

~ Frothrend to Thanquol.[1a]