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Krasslik was an apprentice of the elderly Skaven Grey Seer Skrittar who invaded Sylvania. [1a]


After his master had seen warpstone meteors falling beyond the Worlds Edge Mountains, he had led a force of tens of thousands of skaven into the lands of Sylvania including his three apprentices. He lost parts of his force crossing the River Stir felling great oak trees and then more who he sacrificed to give thanks for his safe passage. As they progressed, the three young skaven naturally began to plot against their master, but Krasslik began to hear voices in his head which suggested schemes, promised power and teased with fragments of powerful spells. [1a]

On a stormy night, he sacrificed and consumed the souls of the other two apprentices and began to spread dissension through the remaining warriors of the army. His hatred of the old skaven Seer only grew stronger when they discovered the first meteor and devoured it all himself. As they entered the foothills of the Wolrds Edge, they found that the settlements were no defended by the living but the undead. [1a]

As the resistance grew stronger a two day battle was fought against the risen dead and although victorious the Seer ordered a retreat. One night, Krasslik uttered the words of a powerful spell under the light of both moons which sent blood spewing from his nose and ears. The terrified skaven found that he had summoned a Verminlord who grabbed him by the tail and dangled him before him, stating Ah, Krasslik. You have finally called me. Let us discuss my plans...... [1a]