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Seerlord Kritislik is an ancient Skaven, the most powerful of the Grey Seers and first amongst the the Council of Thirteen. [1]


Grand Grey Seer of all Skavendom, Ipsissimus of the Entire Order of Grey Seers, Keeper of the Temple snd the Faith of the Temple, Lord Exalted of the Shattered Tower, Ringmaster of the Black Bell, First Member of the Council of Thirteen, Voice of the Horned Rat, Mighty and Wise Squeaker of the Law, Favourite Spawnling of the Horned One and Great Devourer of Unbelievers. [2a]


A tall skaven with huge black horns rising into spiral antlers of bone, his face is filled with timeless malace, his robes are iron hued, his fur a murky grey. [1a]


You have been a capable servant, Grey Seer Thanquol. The Council finds itself in need of a dispo- a competent servant for a matter of the utmost delicacy

~ Kritislik .[1a]