Clan Mordkin

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Clan Mordkin Banner

Clan Mordkin is a skaven Warlord Clan. [1a]

Thc Skaven of the Clan are now obsessed with death and instantly recognisablc for their fearsome, bone bedecked appearance with many of thc clan's warriors armed with daggers carved from bones. Chieftains and Stormvermin often wear the skulls of Giant Rats or Rat Ogres as helms. [1a]


Mordkin was one of the many Warlord Clans to face the Undead legions of Nagash. [1a]

Following this conflict and inspired by thc fearsome sight of the dead and lookng to intimidate their rivals, the Clan took to adorning themselvcs vith thc bones of thcir foes. They dyed patches of their fur and that of their Giant Rats and Rat Ogres or painted their clothing and armour white to resemble skelctons. [1a]