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Ratchitt is a Skaven Warlock Engineer of Clan Skryre. [1a]


He quickly gained a reputation for inventing new and powerful artefacts despite his youth but the jealousy of his peers forced Ratchitt into hiding, and he was forced to seek aid from outside his own clan in his bid to seize power. While in his self-imposed exile, he had come across information about the Island of Blood, and the magical artefeact known as the Phoenix Stone that was hidden there. [1a]

Ratchitt also dicovered that Clan Klaw – a large and powerful Warlord clan was in the throes of a vicious civil war between Warlord Verminkin and Chieftain Spinetail. He approached both leaders in turn, promising Verminkin the chance to gain an artefact that would defeat his rival, whilst also promising Spinetail the chance to ambush and kill Verminkin on the island. Even the Grey Seers were apeased by Ratchitt’s promises that his plan would result in the overly powerful Clan being all but destroyed in the coming conflict. Of course, The warlock Engineer's true goal was to gain the Phoenix Stone and seize power for himself! [1a]

A arcane device was created by Ractchitt that drained the magic energy from the huge statues that protected the island and for the first time in thousands of years the strange red glow that the statues emanated disappeared. Tunnels were completed and soon the Skaven emerged blinking into the sunlight on the island but almost immediately encountered Kortharion, a High Elf Mage, and Kalaer, a Bladelord of the Sword Masters of Hoeth. [1a]

The elves had ridden to investigate the disturbance caused by Ratchitt’s device and although outnumbered, the heroes cut a bloody swathe through the Skaven until Ratchitt’s warplock pistol cut Kortharion, forcing Kaelor to flee. The island was corrupted over millenia by the rent in the fabric of reality causing the flora and fauna to mutate and so at every turn the Skaven were beset by new horrors and grave dangers. The ratmen paid a bloody toll for each yard that they advanced towards their goal. [1a]

To defeat the fortress walls that protected the temple, Ratchitt had constructed a pair of Warp-lightning Cannons of prodigious power. The cannons started to shook and vibrated, until with a thunderous explosion they unleashed a massive warp lightning bolt at the wall and with a terrible heaving groan the ancient wall collapsed, hurling the majority of the High Elf defenders to their deaths. [1a]

After a brutal battle around the temple, Prince Althran Stormrider was all that stood between Spinetail and the Phoenix Stone, the Warlord urged Ratchitt to cut down the High Elf with his warplock pistol, but, Ratchitt instead turned it upon the Skaven Warlord! Yet, at this vital moment his pistol malfunctioned, exploding in his hand and leaving Spinetail unharmed. Ratchitt could do nothing other than flee from the battlefield, hurling bitter curses at Spinetail and promises of vengeance at Prince Althran. [1a]


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