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Veskit was the High Executioner of Clan Eshin. [1]


As a Assassin he had been dispatched on a mission to retireve a Warlock Engineer of Clan Skryre who was being held hostage. He succeeded in his mission although mortally wounded and the Nightmaster of Eshin had him transformed by the arts of Skryre into a cyborg warrior with magical and technological implants and enhancements. Following the fall of the comet on Mordheim, he was dispatched to the ruined city to discourage others from seeking the warpstone that Clan Eshin considered their own. [1]

Weapons and Equipment

Much of his body was now made of metal, whilst he fought with a pair of Fighting Claws, each enhanced with a Warplock Pistol. One eye was replaced with an unblinking red eyed scope that allowed him to more easily spot his prey. [1]


It was black, like a shadow, and it was moving so fast, cutting men to shreds left and right. We fought, yes we fought hard, and old Marcus even tried his trick with the oil flask. It was engulfed by flames and for a moment we thought we'd stopped it. No way, it came out of the fire, still ablaze. It was as if it didn't care! That was too much and those left of us ran for it. Still it followed us, on and on, relentless and merciless. There was no escaping, no hiding, its red eye could always spot you. Oh that eye....that eye.

~last words of Fritz Huber .[1]