Clan Feesik

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Clan Feesik is one of the original Clans Pestilens from which all others descended. Their plague monks number in the billions.[1]

It has numerous thrall Clans including Clan Retchid and Clan Vomikrit. [2a]


In the Age of Sigmar they served the Champion of Nurgle, Lord Ungholghott claiming flesh-tribute for him as he sought to subdue the Jade Kingdom of Verdantia. [3a]


Veil-hidings we have scurried quick-fast behind, oh most foul, oh most rancid and reviled one! Subtle we have been-been, yes, so cunning even the Clans Eshin could not have emulated such cleverness.

~unamed skaven envoy to Lord Ungholghott.[3a]