Clan Skab

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Clan Skab is a skaven Warlord clan

It is well known for the large numbers of ferocious Black Skaven produced by its ratmothers. [1a][3b]


In IC 1941, Warlord Skinchewer establishes an alliance with a Tomb King, acquiring new dark magic from his ally. [3a]

Clan Mors attacks the clan and several others, devestating them and assuring its own rise in status. [3a]

It was established below the sewers of the city of Nuln. By order of the Council of Thirteen it launched an invasion upon the city and nearly conquered it in 2499 IC. Despite the cunning and ruthless leadership of Grey Seer Thanquol the invasion was a complete failure, and the Skaven forces were severely decimated by the determined resistance of the city's inhabitants, led by the heroes Gotrek & Felix.[2a]

Clan Skab nevertheless managed to survive and remains hidden below the city to this day and the clan has since sought revenge on Grey Seer Thanquol when the opportunity has presented itself. [2a]