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The Greenwolf was a Plague Hulk of Nurgle that led the invasion of Marienburg during the End Times. [1a]

The flagship of the fleet, she was a lumbering behemoth covered in green algal webbing and hanging spores with a high deck full of ballistae and with catapults. Rising from its sterncastle was its foul ensign duplicated on the rotten wooden figurehead. [1a]

It was commanded by the Glottkin who cloaked the ship in a sickly green light. [1a]


It led a vast fleet of hulks and hundreds of longships towards Marienburg and defeated the Sea Elf fleet that sailed out to meet them before moving in on the city itself. The ancient defensive sea wall was destroyed by a foul growth of plantlife and then the Greenwolf led the armada into the inner harbour, despite the hail of bolts, cannonballs, Helblaster-fire and gouts of dwarf flame that destroyed some of its consorts. [1a]

A battle line of warships led by the Zegepraal fared no better in trying to stop them and quickly fell victim to the deadly plagues that the Greenwolf and the other ships unleashed upon them. [1a]

Enraged by the destruction of his home city, the vampire Mundvard summoned a terrorgheist who he first unleashed upon the Greenwolf which it demolished. [1b]


A pustulent and semi-decayed wolf. [1a]


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