Archer stakes

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Bretonnian Peasant Bowman protected by archer stakes (6th Edition, plastics
single archer stake (5th Edition, metal, unpainted)

Archer stakes or defensive stakes are used specially by Bretonnian Peasant Bowmen. The stakes are driven into the ground in front of their position, giving them a measure of protection against the charges of enemy knights.

In times of siege this tactic is also adopted by other armies to strength their earthworks and defend their prized war machines from attacks that are carried out by the defenders. On the other hand the defenders can place the stakes into the ground at the foot of their castle or city walls, to make the fall from the wall even more unpleasant - aka deadly - to those who try to scale the walls with ladders or ropes and grappling hooks. The effectiveness of this tactic was shown by the Grand Theogonist Wilhelm III when he managed to kill Vlad von Carstein - and himself - during the siege of Altdorf by throwing the vampire and himself onto the stakes down in the trench.