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Grimmpeak is a minor Dwarf Hold. [1a]

The hold is not a rich one although it has some high connections. [1a]


King Burak Grim extended his mineworks further and further south, drawing dangerously to Karak Eight Peaks despite the warnings of King Belegar. He informed him of the cunning tactics, guile and depredations of the Night Goblins of the Crooked Moon Tribe lef by Skarsnik, self-proclaimed ruler of Karak Eight Peaks. [1a]

However, after a mere decade the new copper, iron and gold mines were already paying off for the King but there were also being raided increasingly frequently by Night Goblins. More and more warriors were drawn from Grimmpeak to defend the mines as King Burak ordered forays and deep searches by his Rangers and Miners. [1a]

A mysterious map on Goblin hide was the discovered found nailed to the main gates of Grimmpeak pointing out a hidden lair and Burak ordered a team of Rangers to reconnoitre. They retruned with news of a major Night Goblin lair including a fungus brew cauldron, used to boil Mad Cap mushrooms to create the potion fed to the dreaded Night Goblin Fanatics. Dwarf prisoners had been spotted, including Forek Grimm – the black sheep of King Burak’s family. Greebo Stuntystabba a chieftain of the Crooked Moons wsa also present and his death would strike out many long-held grudges. [1a]

King Burak ordered his warriors to ready themselves for all-out battle. [1a]



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