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Morgrim Bargrum was a Dwarf Thane and the cousin of Snorri Lunngrin from Karaz-a-Karak. [1]

He was, like his father, a miner. [1g]


Powerfully built, even for a Dwarf he had broad shoulders, a chin like an anvil and a hefty chest and backand stood nearly half a foot higher than Snorri. [1d]


Whilst exploring near the entrance of Karak Krum, Morgrim and Snorri were attacked by a large number of rats and Skaven and barely escaped with their lives, Snorri loosing several fingers. [1a] The pair made their way through deep areas of the lost hold, discovering a seem of Brynduraz‎ before they came upon a temple to Grungni. [1b]

Inside, to their great surprise they found the Runelord of their hold, Ranuld Silverthumb who was less than pleased to see them but after various insults told them he was in search of magic. Later as the roof collapsed, Ranuld trasnported them to safety, [1c] near the Rorganzbar, the northern entrance to the Ungrim Ankor to the world above the earth. [1d]

In a storm, they encountered Imladrik of Caledor on his Dragon Draukhain who offered to transport them to Karaz-a-Karak. Snorri was suspicious but Morgrim persuaded him that he would sooner be able to have beer and meat in his belly if he did so, plus Morgrim was keen to see what it would be like to ride atop a dragon. [1e]

However as Snorri was about to climb on board, the Dragon reared up, dumping Morgri to the ground as it seemed to search the surroundings and Imladrik had to use dragonsong to calm his mount. Although he appologised, Snorri challenged the Elf prince to face him on the ground if he wanted him dead. Imladrik declined expressing his regrets once more and saying he would do the same to the High King before he left them. [1f]

Morgrim faced Imladrik in a friendly duel at a subsequent Brodunk (festival) to honour Grimnir but lost after a hard fight. [1g]

In -1162 IIC Lord Rahotep of Khemri made contact with what they called the annu-horesh (mountain-lords) and in -1163 IC he returned home with gifts from King Morgrim Blackbeard. He invited King Alcadizzar to visit and discuss how the two peoples could work together in the future. [2a]


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