Throndin Stoneheart

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Throndin Stoneheart was a Dwarf King of Zhufbar. [1a]


His son, Dorthin was killed in battle by Orcs.[1a]

The following year when he was about 300 years old, he was approached by the herald (and cousin) to Baron Vessal, Marechal Heinlin Kulft seeking aid against orcs who had invaded their lands. It became clear that the greenskins were also those that had killed his son. Throndin quickly declared he would accept their gift of gold and march on the orcs. [1a]

He set forth with an army of 800, an armed steamdozer traction engine pulling the supply carts. As they rested on the march, a old dwarf peddler arrived, offering to speak with him whilst he sharpened the King's axe. The elder said he had seen the Orcs but warned them to not trust the manlings but Throndin told one of his veterans to turn the nameless, penniless wattock away. [1a]

A Gyrocopter pilot, Rimbal Wanazki flew over to them, even though he had been banished from the hold due to a small explosion. He reported that a orc camp was located a days march, some 30-35 miles away. Although the younger Dwarfs clamoured to attack immediately, the King reminded them that he had promised to fight alongside the humans. [1a]

They reached their allies camp but found the humans in no hurry to engage the greenskins, but finally they sent out cavalry scouts to find them. The combined force crossed into the Moot and made camp along the line of the advance of the orcs. [1a]

Once more the peddler joined them and warned them that they had not enough warriors but he was once more, ignored. The two armies prepared to meet the enemy at the Halfling village of Midgford. [1a]

For the Battle of Midgford, Throndin deployed his army atop a line of hills, a mess of Halflings at one end between the Dwarfs and the humans and awaited the enemy. When they came however, they numbers several thousand, much more than had been anticipated. The king planted his grudgestone, declaring that he would be victorious on the stone or be buried beneath it. [1a]

As the battle raged, the humans abandoned the field in the face of the greenskin onslaught, leaving the halfling to be slaughtered by boar-mounted orcs and the Dwarfs to fight on alone. [1a]

Soon the Dwarfs were hard-pressed and the king wounded but they fought on and it was then that the White Dwarf arrived. Singlehanded, he fought his way deep into the horde allowing Arbrek Silverfingers to blow his horn and summon an earthquake that crushed many orcs and goblins in the newly formed crevass. [1a]

Throndin lived long enough to see his son, Barundin Throndinsson win the final victory and give his thanks to Grombrindal, the old peddler whose advice he had scorned. [1a]


The army is initally described as being 5000 strong but later consistantly as 800. [1a]


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