Anvil of Doom

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Anvil of Doom

The Anvils of Doom are ancient and powerful heirlooms of the Dwarfen race used to forge the greatest of Dwarf artefacts and were created by the Runelord Kurgaz. [2a]

These Anvils were covered in complex runes that the later Runesmiths could not comprehend. When striking the Anvil, a Runesmith used techniques taught to him by his master, who had learned from his master, and so on back. Because of this, no two Anvils of Doom worked the same.

Their powers were broken down like so: those dedicated to Grungni emphasized effort, those dedicated to Grimnir emphasized fury, and those dedicated to Valaya emphasized loyalty.


The most skilled of the Runesmiths of old, Kurgaz used Gromril to create the anvils and beat the Rune of Sorcery into them in the forges of Thunder Mountain. However, a Dragon attacked and broke open the mountain, killing Kurgaz and many of his peers and destroying its forges. [2a]

Before the War of Vengeance, each of the major holds held six Anvils of Doom, presided over by their chief Runelords. [3a]

In Battle

When an Anvil came to battle, it was accompanied by two Anvil Guards. These Dwarfs were bound by unbreakable oaths never to leave an anvil or its smith to the enemy.

While in the past the Anvil of Doom was mounted on wheels to move it across the battlefield, today it will be placed before the beginning of the battle on one point - often a hill top - to strike the runes and unleash the old power that is bound inside of the Anvil.

Rune Powers

When struck correctly the Anvil draws magic to it to create various effects:[2a]

  • Rune of Air: A dark cloud is summoned to unleash lightning on the enemy. [2a]
  • Rune of Earth: The Anvil causes an explosion of rocky shards. [2a]
  • Rune of Fire: Unleashes a fireball. [2a]
  • Rune of Water: Water is drawn to a location to create an area of swampy ground. [2a]

Known Holds with a Anvil



How many glory-hungry fools have taken the sacred Anvils of Doom out into battle, boldly thinking they can command the vast powers of such sacred relics? And how many of these precious artefacts have been lost forever because they broke beneath the hammers of these same fools?

~ Runelord Morag Frostbeard of Karak Angkul .[1a]


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