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Nadri Copperfist, also known as gildtongue[1d] was a Dwarf merchant Guildmaster of Barak Varr. [1a]


Finely attired as befitted his position, he wore supple leather boots, a gilded tuinc and fine cloak of the best hruk wool. Small silver ingots decorated his ruddy beard and he wore many rings. [1a]


His father Lodri made his fortune by discovering a huge seam of copper ore but was later killed during a purge of Orcs of the mountains. Nadri's brother Heglan Copperfist was a engineer. [1a]


He earned his nickname through his skill in trade and was said to have wealth to match lesser kings of the Dawrf Holds. [1d]

He attended the first test flight of his brothers sky ship on the great rock, Durazon. [1a] As well as his brother, the test was attended by Burgrik Stormbak engineer guildmaster and [1b] Thane Onkmarr in lieu of King Brynnoth who was with the High King. [1b]

Unfortunately although the ship launched successfully, a heavy gust of wind was not compensated for and the ship crashed. [1c]

As the War of Vengeance began, he joined the Throng of his king as they marched on Kor Vanaeth under Snorri Halfhand. [1e] He continued with the army and the first attack on the city of Tor Alessi. [1f] As he fought before the gates he managed to slay an elf hero who had himself just killed the Dwarf champion Vrekki Helbeard before they were forced to retreat. [1g]

The Dwarfs resorted to besieging the city and Nadri joined his clan in tunneling under the western gatehouse - being assigned to Tunnel Ari. [1h] Finally the tunnel was finished and Zonzharr blasting powder was ignited and a breech made. Jorgin Blckfinger, the lodewarden of his hold then led the 200 miners to attack the stunned elves. [1i]

However as they fought, Liandra attacked them on her Dragon Vranesh, burning many of them but he was saved by a Ironbreaker. When he revovered consciousness, he found himself surrounded by dead dawi but also saw the Thane Drogor but it quickly became clear he was no dwarf but rather a Daemon. [1j] Later his body was found by Morgrim Blackbeard, havind died from fear. [1k]


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