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Kreesqueek was an skaven Assassin of Clan Eshin. [1a]


He was dispatched with a small force of Gutter Runners to poison the water supply of the city of Miragliano. His minions found a disused entrance, but warned of the scent of the walking dead in the early. He brushed their doubts aside considering them to be easy kills if fear was controlled, and so it intially proved. As they moved through the tunnels beneath the graveyard the small group encountered first Skeleton Warriors which were quickly dispatched with only a few minor wounds sustained by the runners. [1a]

As they moved deeper, they were attacked by Ghouls which proved more formidable, but were eventually driven off, although several runners died. The remaining ghouls fled and were found hammered and scratched on the lid of a sarcophagus for help. Then the Strigoi Ghoul King Rametep emerged and slew the remaining three runenrs in a blink of an eye, feasting on the last of them as it watched Kreesqueek. [1a]

He flung a shuriken at it as a precursor to his own attack, but the vampire responded with a spell which aged him in seconds until he died.[1a]

Weapons and Equipment

He was armed with a pair of Weeping Blades and shuriken. [1a]


Don't Run! You flee: I kill you. Everyone! Fight-fight! They die easy!

~Kreesqueek .[1a]