Alith Anar

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There are many stories of Elven heroes of the Nagarythe from the time of the Sundering, of brave and valiant warriors, of remarkable deeds, and of battles against the darkest foes. The most popular tales concern Alith Anar, the Shadow King.


Alith Anar's adventures are shared throughout the courts of the Asur, each a tale of courageous defiance against Malekith and the Druchii. The tales of the Shadow King that stem from the years following the destruction of Anlec are, by now, undoubtedly a blend of fable and reality. It is impossible to say for sure which are true and which are invention, for the Nagarythe are understandably secretive about their history since the Sundering.

Alith was the grandson of Eoloran Anar, once herald of Aenarion.[1a]

At the time of the war before the Sundering (ca. -2737 IC[*]), Alith Anar was a young elf, "probably not even a century old", according to Caledor I.[2]


*: The year when Malekith survived Asuryan's fire.[1b]