Alith Anar

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Alith Anar

Alith Anar, the Shadow King is the infamous leader of the Shadow Warriors. [3a]

There are many stories of Elven heroes of the Nagarythe from the time of the Sundering, of brave and valiant warriors, of remarkable deeds, and of battles against the darkest foes. The most popular tales concern Alith Anar, the Shadow King. [1a]

Alith Anar's adventures are shared throughout the courts of the Asur, each a tale of courageous defiance against Malekith and the Druchii. The tales of the Shadow King that stem from the years following the destruction of Anlec are, by now, undoubtedly a blend of fable and reality. It is impossible to say for sure which are true and which are invention, for the Nagarythe are understandably secretive about their history since the Sundering.[1a]

His children have never taken his title and are known collectively as the Aesanar - the Sons of Anar. [1a]


At the time of the war before the Sundering (ca. -2737 IC[*]), Alith Anar was a young elf, "probably not even a century old", according to Caledor I.[2]

Alith was the grandson of Eoloran Anar, once herald of Aenarion who was killed in the dungeons of Anlec by Malekith. His father Eothlir Anar was killed in battle whilst he was quite young [3a] at the Battle of Dark Fen. Following the battle, Alith and the few survivors hid in the nearby marshland, being pursued by the Nagarythe loyal to Malekith. [1a]

As the last member of the great families of Nagarythe, those who had fled from Malekith pledged their loyalty to him with blood oaths in groves within Dragon Pass. [3a] from that point on, he led them on raids on Dark Elf camps, never taking prisoners - any captives were quickly killed. [1a]

Following the Battle of Griffon Pass he nailed 700 captured dark elves onto the white cliffs with bones and nails still remaining there from this act. [3a]

He famously inflitrated the land of Naggaroth[1a], on one occassion even dancing with Morathi before stealing the Stone of Midnight. Outraged, she has offered immortality, a room filled with gold and a night with the most beautiful of the Witch Elves for any that return the stone, but Alith's fearsome reputation has meant these prizes go unclaimed. [3a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition: Light Armour, Longbow, Moonbow, Shadow Crown, Shield, Stone of Midnight, Sword. [3a]
  • 7th Edition: Hand Weapon, Light Armour, Longbow, Moonbow, Shadow Crown, Stone of Midnight. [1b]
  • 8th Edition: Hand Weapon, Light Armour, Longbow, Moonbow, Shadow Crown, Stone of Midnight. [4a]
  • Moonbow: A silver bow that glitters in the moonlight and is said to have been a gift to Alith by Lileath. [3a]
  • Shadow Crown: A silver circlet with a diamond, the ancient crown of Nagarythe allows the wearer to pause time for a split second when the words I am the true ruler of Nagarythe are spoken. Malekith desires to take this crown greatly. [3a]
  • Stone of Midnight: A beautiful jewel gifted to Morathi by her husband Aenarion, it can create a cloaking mist of darkness and confront those who strike at the wearer with their worst nightmares. [3a]




Nothing is forgotten, Nothing is forgiven

~ Alith Anar.[3a]


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*: The year when Malekith survived Asuryan's fire.[1b]


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