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The Wormstone was a powerful magical artefact crafted from Warpstone by Clan Pestilens. [1c]


A two hundred pound lump of warpstone, threaded with pitch-black veins with an evil scent that both lures and repels skaven. [1a]


When Clan Mawrl joined with Clan Pestilens during the Second Plague War, it was given the stone as a gift for their loyalty. However the artefact was a deadily trap and quickly infected the whole clan. The other clans in Under-Altdorf managed to destroy all exits from their burrow before any could escape. [1c]

Adept Kratch, an apprentice to the Grey Seer Skabritt managed to locate records relating to the weapon [1c] and with his master they breached the long sealed off burrow, but all but Kratch were then killed by the stone and a great mutated rat-beast. [1a]