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The Underway (Ungdrin in Khazalid) are a series of underground roads through solid rock that connected the greatest of Dwarf holds in times past.

It consists of a complex system with a main tunnel that branched off into smaller ones which connected to the various forts, mines, watchtowers and outer strongholds. After the great eruption that brought the Dwarfen empire into collapse, the system became partly destroyed with others being overrun by the likes of Skaven, Goblins and other creatures. Some of the tunnels themselves were destroyed and others had in time become dangerous to use as passageways. Though structurally unsound, parts of the Underway leading to the inhabited Dwarf settlements have been cleared or repaired in recent years. Despite this being the case, armed and large expeditions of Dwarves must travel the Underway tunnels in order to clear them. Such campaigns have equally seen victories and defeats but each expansion leads to the Dwarves uncovering many of the lost treasures of their ancestors.