Black Chasm

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Black Chasm is a large Skaven settlement-burrow in Bretonnia. [1a]

A series of linked burrows, cliffs and caverns.[1a]


The settlement was orginally created by the ancestors of Clan Pestilens as one their original strongholds before they travelled to Lustria. [1a]

The empty burrows were then claimmed by Clan Eshin, who refused to return them when Pestilens returned. Since then, the two clans have fought over the settlement, with Pestilnes enlisting Clan Flem whilst Eshin hire monsters and their handlers from Clan Moulder.[1a]

Recently Pestilens aretfacts have been found in the Chasm.[1a]


Approximately 25,000 skaven and their slaves live in the Chasm. [1a]