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Braquiron is a town in the Dukedom of Quenelles in Bretonnia. [1a]


In 1474 IC [1b] a curtain of fire cut off its valley from the rest of the Dukedom and two great hosts of Daemons of Khorne marched on the town, slaughtering all before them. Baron Callard led his knights against them but as he charged his horse was overcome with terror and fled, by the time he had regained control his men had been overcome and torn apart. Nothing now stood before the Daemons and the town. [1a]

For a dozen days the two rival armies confronted each other, their Bloodthirster lords hacking away at each other and their minions whilst the few remaining Bretonnians watched from the keep, ignored by the neverborn. Finally only the two greater daemons remained, still battling and nearing the Grail Chapel where the Sword Perilous was held. [1a]

Unwilling to see the shrine defiled, Baron Callard rode out again and charged through the dead and dying daemons to attack the nearest Bloodthirster, recieving a savage blow in return that smashed him from his saddle. Distracted, that shame Daemon fell victim to the other who held up its head in triumph. Rage arose with the Baron and he charged it, somehow cutting off its left hand,breaking its thing and severing a wing in his fury. Finally as he was being throttled to death he dealt it a fatel blow with the Sword Perilous. [1a]

The curtain of fire vanished as did all trace of the Daemons save for the foul blood soaking the ruins. There was no trace of the baron, but the Sword Perilous was found again. [1a]


  • Grail Chapel: This is the sanctuary of the Sword Perilous. [1a]


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